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How-to Get Started Teaching Yoga with Success! 
The step-by-step formula to overcome procrastination, insecurity and overwhelm so you can serve the world, live your purpose + pay the mortgage…teaching Yoga!
The behind the scenes “success recipe” for newbie or experienced Yoga teachers who want to make an impact and more money doing what they love.
"I’m living my dream and making money doing it. Thanks to the How-to Get Started Teaching Yoga with Success course I now am clear on my purpose and have overcome self-doubt and worry."
 - Jenn S.
It can feel like a gigantic leap to go from being a student to being a teacher of Yoga:
  • You question if you know enough, have enough, are enough. 
  • ​You keep taking training, but you don’t feel “ready”.   
  • ​Your partner gives you a hard time about all the money you have spent, and your friends ask when you are going to teach them something.  
  • ​You wonder how to get started…how to approach the studio you love, start your own business or attract students. You don’t want to sound sales-y, or pushy. 
  • ​You question if you have what it takes, and you’ve spent weeks, months or maybe years thinking about getting started teaching but you just haven’t taken the leap. 

I’ve been there, but support is before you now…
  • Imagine leaping out of bed every morning enthusiastic about your life, your teachings and your students.   
  • ​Imagine being clear on what you are here to do, whom you serve, and having a clear path of action to do so.
  • ​Imagine going to bed at night with a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction.
Imagine doing what you LOVE and having a great income that affords you the ability to travel, to learn and to live the life you desire.
My name is Shasta Townsend

I help passionate Yogis become successful Yoga teachers.

I’ve taught Yoga for two decades. I’ve made 8-figures doing it and I’ve helped thousands of people transform their lives thanks to this practice.

In my How to Get Started Teaching Yoga with Success Course, you will receive my “best stuff” on how I have created a career out of Yoga…and how I went from struggling with insecurity, paying the mortgage, and beating myself up to living my dharma, creating a kick ass lifestyle

Who Is This For
This is for you if:
  • You want to get STOP procrastinating and start sharing your passion.
  • ​You want a proven step-by-step system of success. 
  • ​You are an action taker and can follow instructions to succeed. 
  • ​You KNOW you are a Creator with lots to share and no longer are willing to put it!
This is NOT for you if:
  • You want to waste precious time + energy “figuring it out” on your own.
  • ​You are stuck in your story about not being good enough and want to procrastinate. 
  • ​You make your money story more important than your Purpose. 
  • ​You just want to get another certification before you do anything!
This proven step-by-step blueprint is the missing link to go from trainee to teacher.
The modules in The How to Get Started Teaching Yoga Course include:
  • 8 Easy to Follow Online Modules – you can complete them on your own time so there is no pressure, but you also receive all you need to be a success!
  • Bonuses – We have Bonus Materials to help you create momentum and success including how to Leverage other companies likes Lululemon, etc. 
  • Support – You will also become a part of our closed community of yoga-preneurs where you can seek support and meet amazing people. 
The modules in The How to Get Started Teaching Yoga Course include:
Module 1: How To Get Started Like A Success
Learn how to actually think like a yoga-preneur. Creating your own Yoga business is different from being an employee but most teachers get this wrong so they are literally stuck working harder and longer. Get all the mindset secrets to overcoming self-doubt, self-sabotage and procrastination so you can be a confident and clear teacher and human! If you aren’t at the level of success you want then it very much has to do with that is going on between your ears.

Module 2: How to Find Your Niche
One the big secrets of success is “owning” a niche or area of expertise, but few teachers do this well or at all! In this module you will uncover what the niche you can totally own and thus provide big transformation for your students and in turn easeful success for yourself.
Module 3: How to Use Universal Success Laws for Powerful Success & Easeful Creation
Understanding and applying Universal Laws of Success like Law of Attraction is a GAME CHANGER. Most people are working against the Universal Laws, and making this way harder. Are you? Learn what and how to apply Universal Laws of Success to create what you want with ease. 
Module 4 – Making Peace with Money
Let’s just call it out – there is some serious mixed up ideas about money in the world of Yoga. If you have guilt about making money or charging people then you are literally repelling money and success in your life. In this module you will learn how to make peace with money and see it as a spiritual tool. 
Module 5 – How to Overcome the Fear of Being Seen
Ever fear you aren’t good enough or don’t know enough? In this powerful module you will learn how to overcome the fear of being seen as an impostor and nip those self-doubt demons in the butt! You will learn how to overcome your own inner saboteur and create what you want no matter what.
Module 6 – Marketing Made Easy
You do need to take the lead on building your classes and being of value, but most Yoga teachers have a huge resistance to what they see as “salesy”. In this module you will learn how to “sell” yourself without selling yourself like a cheesy used-car salesperson while literally magnetizing your tribe of raving fans. 
Module 7 – Social Media Made Easy
You’ve seen the Instagram stars, and you could be one too! If social media feels daunting or overwhelming then this module is perfect for you. Learn just where your peeps are hanging out, how to authentically connect with them, and create a relationship that is uplifting for you both. 
Module 8 – Handling Competition, Copycats and Critics
Learning to stay totally centered in yourself is a super skill that all Yoga teachers need. You will run into people who steal your ideas, don’t like your classes and maybe undermine you, but you don’t have to lose your cool! Learn the skills on how to navigate and totally eradicate competition, copycats and critics so you have super success!
It’s time to align yourself to something powerful and proven – get your How to Get Started Teaching Yoga with Success Course now.
$397 USD
$197 USD for a Limited Time
You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels on this!
You are losing valuable time, and your potentials students are missing out!

There really is no such thing as failure, but there is the agony of never trying!
Regular price $397. Save $200 for a limited time
After graduating Yoga Teacher Training, this course was exactly what I needed. It’s professional, well organized, and guided me step-by-step in creating my yoga business. I’ve left my JOB and created a full-time yoga business that I love. This course is for Yoga teachers who want to soar like a bird, rise above, and go beyond limitations – like I learned to do.” 

 - Raven M.
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About Shasta
Shasta Townsend is a best-selling author, pioneer in the Yoga, and multi 7-figure business owner. She has helped thousands of students break through their barriers and create a life beyond their wildest dreams. Shasta is known for her straight-talking style that cuts through limitations and false belief quickly while at the same time compassionately supporting her students in their Truth.  
Regular price $397. Save $200 for a limited time
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