Get Calm – Meditation Specialist Certification
with Shasta Townsend

If there was ever a time to learn how to "control" or
channel the mind it is NOW!

Special Pricing - $197
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The Meditation Specialist Certification is a virtual training you can do from the comfort of your own home and includes 6 audio and video trainings delivered in three easy to follow modules, PDF support materials and BONUS how-to lessons and guided meditations.  

It is THE training for anyone seeking manage fear, uncertainty and anxiety and instead remain grounded, calm and clear.

Learn the emotional skills and even how to think abundantly and clearly during this time.
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"In this time of uncertainty, I am learning strategies for wellness in this course - it's been great!
I can feel a true transformation happening because of this.”
– Laura B


This is a time of uncertainty, chaos and change. We don't always know what to "think" and emotions are running high...Yet, we need to find our centre, be that "rock" for our family and communities and just feel as CLEAR and CALM for ourselves!

Because of this, I feel compelled to share my 20-years of meditation, mind training and neuroscience teachings.
It’s for ANYONE who wants to learn to focus their mind AND get certified as a meditation specialist
Spend your time doing something TRULY productive!! 
  • Even if you have a “busy” or anxious mind this will work for you.
  • ​Even if you have never meditated or tried it and hated it, this will work for you.
  • ​Even if you already meditate, I guarantee you will learn new practices and understand your mind even more. 
  • SALE - I’ve created tiered pricing to ensure even those with limited income could join in. 
"Thanks to your meditation course, I am more focused, present, conscious, aware, calm, patient and peaceful!   I have learned to love my true Self and know that the power is within me to choose, trust, allow, let go and not be attached to the outcome.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT time to learn this beautiful gift so thank you for sharing your mastery, wisdom, and many years of experience.”
– Helen

Special Pricing - $197 
Save $300 Now 

This Virtual Masterclass Certification includes:

  • 6 Audio Trainings Masterclass Trainings with Shasta – these are easy to follow and understand
  • ​Support PDFs - Accompanying Practices and Class Overviews Materials in PDF form so you can practice and teach this asap too.
  • Your Private Members Area – you will have LIFETIME access and I’m always add more to this library.
  • Bonus Recordings – You also receive 3 BONUS recordings of meditation practice and How-to’s so you can teach these and share these techniques with others.
  • Have a Question - email  TODAY

You Will Learn:

Module One - Mastering the Science of Mind + Meditation

• Learn how "Mind" is truly created, and how to "control" it, no matter what.
• Understand why most therapy is not working, but why meditation is proven to be the most effective in healing emotional distress and trauma.
• Learn how to create your reality thanks to a deeper understanding of neuroscience.
• Learn how to teach others to do the same.

Module Two - "Programming" Yourself for Health + Happiness

• Understand the "mini brains" in the body and how to overcome blocks, past trauma and fear – in yourself and your students.
• Learn how to "program" the mini brains AKA the Energy Centres or Chakras with a meditation technique that is changing energy medicine.
• Learn how to "diagnose" if you or a student has an energy / consciousness block anywhere in mind or body.

Module Three - Meditation for Anxiety, Depression and Mood

• Learn why some meditations should NOT be practiced with people who have depression or anxiety.
• Learn what practices are safe and meaningful for people with mood disorders.
• Understand how to overcome anxiety through a specific meditation practice.
• Learn how to manage and overcome anxiety and depression in yourself and others thanks to mind and meditation techniques that DO work.
• Learn how to teach meditation to people Who are not "Yogic" or who have busy minds.

"Thank you Shasta Townsend for offering this amazing course online.  It was just what I needed at just the right time. Not only can I use these meditation lessons for myself, but I can now help others as well. Much love and appreciation.”
– Kim N

Special Pricing - $197 
Save $300 Now 
Shasta Townsend is an award-winning Yoga, meditation and spiritual teacher whose been featured in publications and on stages around the world.

She's a noted leader in the health and wellness industry and overcame debilitating anxiety and insomnia thanks to meditation, mindfulness and these very practices she shares. 

With over 20+ years of experience working with a variety of individuals and companies to help them improve their mental wellness and create the results in their lives no matter what, she's become a sought-after teacher whose straight talk, accessible and compassionate approach makes learning from her enjoyable, powerful and easy.

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Q: I have never meditated before, is this for me?
A: YES! This program is designed for people who are new to meditation and/or have a “busy” mind.
I promise I make it easy and accessible because I have struggled with a busy mind, anxiety and fear myself so I know how to teach this so you can start to feel a little more calm immediately.
Go for it. You have nothing to lose but your stress!!!

Q: I have been meditating for year, why should I take this?
A: Even if you’ve been meditating for years, I guarantee experienced meditators will gain valuable knowledge, insight and a deeper understanding of mind, consciousness and meditation tools - these will BENEFIT you immensely. You will have a renewed passion and clarity for your practice thanks to Get Calm.

Q: I want to share these tools with my family and/or my students, will I be learn how.
A: YES! I talk specifically HOW to share these in a meaningful way with your family or if you are a wellness, yoga, meditation or health profession how to teach and share these with students too.
In addition, I teach you WHO you should share these with, and why some practices should NOT be taught to certain people. You will learn how to think about this and how to teach this safely and powerfully!

Q: Why don’t you have a money back guarantee?
A: We don’t need one. The response, feedback and life changing results have been off the charts. I am so grateful for that!  I KNOW that IF you follow my guidance and these easy-to-do practices you too will see amazing results in your own life.  

Q: I have a few more questions. Who can I talk to?
A: We are here for you. Please reach out to my team at We will respond to your questions within 24-hours and get you on the path to health, happiness and CALM asap.

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