Take Back the Reigns in Life and Love
Imagine having the kind of marriage that other people constantly ask you, “What’s your secret?”
How would that FEEL as a man or woman if that were to happen?
Imagine having a union that supports you at the deepest level, allowing you to go out and create BIG things in the world.

Imagine feeling rock solid in your relationship and knowing you have a safe harbour and refuelling station to come home to.

Imagine feeling totally safe, seen, understood and LOVED.

Amazing, right?

Really consider: How would your LIFE CHANGE?

If you had an even deeper level of connection, understanding, appreciation, amazing intimacy and trust in your relationship…
• How would your business or career results improve?

• How would your health and mental wellbeing improve?

• How would the lives of your children improve as they witness models of love and commitment?

• How would you feel about yourself?

• How would your partner feel about him or herself?
Really think about it: How would your life change?
Hi, I’m Shasta Townsend

I am a best-selling author and income + intimacy mentor…I help success focused men and women who are frustrated, overwhelmed, “alone”, and even undersexed “take back the reigns” so to speak and have the kind of relationship that fuels them at every level, no matter what.
In fact, I am known for giving people the power to go from disconnection and misunderstanding, even near-divorce to deep connection, passionate intimacy and rock-solid relationship that ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON.
That’s right I empower people to have the relationship they desire even if their partner refuses to change or thinks nothing is wrong. 
I went from near-divorce to rock-solid relationship and wake-the-neighbors sex, and I have taught hundreds of others to do the same…by doing something so powerful but so “radical”.

So, few people are teaching this…but I AM!

Just a short time ago my husband, Ian, and I were talking DIVORCE.

We had tried it all – couple’s retreats, relationship counselling even Anahuac and nothing could close the rift between us.

Our marriage had become so disconnected and contentious that we couldn’t have a conversation about anything without it turning into a fight.

And our intimate life? Forget it.

When it became clear my marriage was about to break apart, I made a decision to take radical responsibility for how I was thinking, being and action and to change my “story”.
Then something miraculous occurred.
My husband finally opened up and allowed his own pain and hurt to flow. 

After months of unsuccessful marriage counseling, here he was opening his heart and telling me the exact words I have longed to hear.

Today, my relationship is the richest gift in my life.

And as an entrepreneurial woman, my income has doubled in a very short time and I know it’s in part because of my soulful relationship and the support of my husband.

I am so glad I did not stay stuck, walk away, or settle for less than what I have now.

I share this to inspire you!

You can learn how to create a bond so deep and authentic that nothing and no one can come between you and your partner…even if your spouse refuses to change or thinks nothing is wrong.
Contrary to the false belief that it takes two…
It actually just takes one person equipped with accurate thinking, proven relationship skills and powerful mindsets to close the distance and heal the gulf of misunderstanding in any relationship. 
I know because I did it…and I’ve supported hundreds of 
individuals to do the same. 
And I’d like to help you too…
Why? Because I know what it is to feel lost at sea in a marriage, to wonder “It this it?”…or even worse: “Should I stay or should I go?”

I know what it is to try endless hours of couples counselling only to feel angrier, disconnected and misunderstood than before you started…and yet have no clue what to do next.

I know what it is to feel alone, unloved, hurt and even not like yourself…and to witness how that impacts everything around you including your kids, your career or business, and your own physical and mental health.
It's time to look at and just how much it's costing us to stay broken or even just 'mediocre' in our relationships rather than play in the ecstatic union of love and commitment…and to try a NEW way!
The Truth:
  •  Our current approach to relationships is not working as proven by the 50% divorce rate and ongoing he said/she said battle we see in our culture.
  •  Traditional marriage counseling doesn’t work, and that’s because it focuses on problems and old stories. It has us continue to energize what we don’t want, rather than provide a new vision and tools for what’s possible. 
  •  Many relationship coaches approach this with outdated gender role stories and do not teach powerful communication tools, conflict management skills, and just plain self-regulation not to mention compassion, curiosity, vulnerability and forgiveness for our partner.  
That’s not meant as criticism…

But I know we HAVE to stop the shame and blame and “us versus them” approach if we are to have real change in our lives, and our world.

But here’s the thing…

If you haven’t been able to create the kind of relationship you (secretly) desire,

You didn’t do anything wrong…

You might have never thought it was a possibility!

You just…didn’t…know…how…

Your parents didn’t teach you…

Your schooling didn’t teach you…

And chances are, your friends didn’t know how either.

So how do you learn?

Is there some system or “hack” that can help you breakthrough and have deep connection without spending hours in couples counselling?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about.

Introducing a new program I created called…
I’ve personally coached hundreds of individuals like yourself to Relationship Success…

And they started with the process I’m about to share with you.

They all started by changing their beliefs about what was possible and learned how to “take back the reigns”.
People like:
Deanna Gutierrez
Wellness Advocate + Entrepreneur
Way More Than Expected 
“I gained insight and growth that I wasn’t expecting. Amazing opportunities are popping up in all areas of my life thanks to all I learned with Shasta. I realize the importance of connecting to myself and my partner in order to create the life I want. I let go of needing to fit a certain “role” which totally freed me. Thank you Shasta.” 
Creating a great relationship is not Mt. Everest. 
I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different. We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this! 
Sara Best
Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Coach
So, I asked myself… 

How can I get this information in the hands of as many people as possible?

When my coaching fees are $1500 an hour or more, I hesitated to do what I am about to do.

I decided to totally be in service and give you the exact process that has helped women and men go from disconnection and even near-divorce to deep connection, even if their partner refused to change or believed nothing was wrong.

Because I am so passionate about love, intimacy and how both to contribute to full and rich life, and if I can change their lives to make the world a more wonderful place, why wouldn’t I do the same for you…

Here’s just a sampling of what included in the One-Hour Relationship Breakthrough Course:

You will learn:
• How YOU can have the relationship you desire even if your partner refuses to change or thinks nothing is wrong.

• Why one person can be the catalyst for a massive shift within their marriage, fast.

• Why most relationship advice is false and based in outdated beliefs, and how it is affecting you and your relationship DRASTICALLY.

• How to have a bond so deep and authentic that nothing and no one can come between you and your partner.

• How your attitude or your “in-here” story is creating your relationship, and how you can create what you DO want, fast.

• As a BONUS my husband, Ian joins me and speaks transparently and vulnerably on a man’s perspective of love, sex and connection.

• Plus this class provides a powerful model of interaction between the Feminine + Masculine.
And so much more.

The training videos with companion pdf learning material will be delivered straight to your in-box.
In less than 60-minutes you will learn HOW you can have the relationship of your dreams even if your partner refuses to change or thinks nothing is wrong. 
I know you have tried things in the past, but I guarantee you will learn NEW and powerful tools and techniques in The One-Hour Relationship Breakthrough that you have never considered before!

Personally, I wouldn’t attempt to deepen connection and improve intimacy without a proven, step-by-step guide to follow…

There are simply too many pitfalls along the way.

This is especially true if you happen to be one of this 1 in 2 people headed to divorce who can’t seem to heal the rift by using the traditional tools.

Or if you are just feeling frustrated, worried and overwhelmed and can’t seem to figure this out…yet you long for MORE!

I know that feeling, and that path. But I have figured this out and put it into a comprehensive system for you here.

I’ve been able to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy to follow training with companion materials so that everyone can duplicate these results.

So now you don’t have to do it alone!

My clients have spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of to get access to this same information that kick-started their path to relationship and life success…
But for a very limited time (you’ll see why in a second) I’ll share it with you for just $17.

Yes, friend…$17!

Literally that’s how much some of spend on Starbucks in a day…

And your relationship is worth way more than the price of cappuccinos!

You can:
  • Finally get out of frustration, worry and feeling “alone”.
  •  Have the relationship you desire, no matter where you are starting from and even if your partner refuses to change. 
  •  Turn small changes into BIG results. 
  •  Gain the confidence to speak to issues and close the gap. 
  •  Discover the real truth to relationship success. 
  •  Learn the steps to have “take back the reigns” in love and in life.  
  •  Have a relationship that fuels you at the deepest level! 
The choice is yours…

Oh, and by the way, my husband Ian thought I was crazy for offering this low price of $17, but after hesitating, he agreed…

But with ONE caveat…that we only offer it for a limited time to encourage the action takers because those are the ones we can help the most.

So this offer can go away at any time…

And right now, you’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity…

To get access to the training that reignited the relationships of hundreds of men and women just like you…who paid THOUSANDS…for just $17.

But the choice is yours.

Click the big button below now and gain instant access to the relationship breakthrough you desire.
Get “The One-Hour Relationship Breakthrough”
Now For Only $17 – LIMITED TIME!
Secure payments through Stripe…
P.S. If you’re skimming and just want to see what the offer was…for just $17 you are getting Shasta Townsend’s One-Hour Relationship Breakthrough on how to have deep connection and amazing intimacy even if your partner refuses to change :-)
Grab this offer before it goes away!
You may be wondering….FAQs
  •  Can I really do this without my partner’s participation? 
Yes! Everything in this program is designed to support YOU in making the internal shifts that will profoundly impact your relationship, whether your partner is involved in the process or not. You have way more power than you realize to effect change, and in this training, I’ll show you how to access that power in a deeply powerful and easeful way.
  •  Why $17? 
If you’re thinking $17 is cheap…what’s the catch? Here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:
1. $17 puts this information in the easy reach of everyone…and I’m on a mission to change lives here, this low price allows me to reach as many people as possible. (And at $17, you shouldn’t have to get approval from a spouse…so it can be a fast start.)
2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. I only want serious success focused men and women who take action, because those are the ones I can help the most. And in my experience charging anything…even if it’s just $17…filters out 99% of those who really just want to stay at status quo and complain.

3. I believe that once you experience our teachings, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, invest in more and possibly upgrade to our more advanced training where you get direct access to myself, Shasta Townsend and my husband, Ian Lavalley. It’s our biggest desire that you do so because we know that with our support you can achieve your dreams quicker. And isn’t that what we all want? But that’s it…no fine print…no “hidden trials”…Just the information you need and the results you want.  
We’ve spent hours in counseling and it’s still not working, what’s different about this?

There’s a reason that traditional marriage counseling doesn’t work, and that’s because it focuses on problems and old stories. It has us continue to energize what we don’t want, rather than provide a new vision and tools for what’s possible. It also fails to tap into the true creative process of the Universe and instead focuses on surface-level compromise (compromise never works!) In counseling it seems we’re asked to dredge up all our old stuff and then go home and try a different response, much like being asked to skydive without a parachute. In this approach I give you the controls to the plane!

I’m not sure if I’m staying, why should I do this?

I totally get it, and there’s a call here for some tough love. Both parties are responsible for what they’re co-creating in a relationship, meaning no matter what you decide, you’re going to take YOU with you. As a very wise mentor once said to me, “If you don’t work this out with him, you’re going to work it out with somebody.” How will it be to look back and wonder what might have been without taking advantage of every possible option, or to recreate the same relationship all over again with a new partner? At the very least you’ll have grown your capacity to love and be loved, and you never know what miracles could show up. One of the most touching things my husband ever said to me was, “Thank you for not giving up.”
Gloria Ogston
From Divorce to Deep Love, Again
"A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is hard to believe all the changes that have happened in just a few weeks of working with Shasta. I am so glad I did this.

I did not know my partner felt the same way, but Shasta taught me how to actually listen and be heard. Now, we both have the tools we need to be successful together. It feels amazing. I am so glad I did not give up."
Click the Big Button Below Right Now and Gain Instant Access to Creating the Love and Life of Your Dreams…
Make 2019 the year of relationship breakthrough for you…and see just how WONDERFUL life can be when it is full of love…
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Now For Only $17 – LIMITED TIME!
Secure payments through Stripe…
P.S. If you’re skimming and just want to see what the offer was…for just $17 you are getting Shasta Townsend’s One-Hour Relationship Breakthrough on how to have deep connection and amazing intimacy even if your partner refuses to change :-)
Grab this offer before it goes away!
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